Fairchild’s SuperFET® MOSFET family uses Super Junction Technology for its high-voltage power MOSFET portfolio. With this technology, Fairchild provides best-in-class robust body diode performance in high-end, AC-DC SMPS applications. Utilizing an advanced charge balance technology, our solutions help designers achieve best-in-class reliability. Excellent efficiency and thermal characteristics make this family suitable for use in a variety of applications, while the broad range of package options offer tremendous flexibility, particularly with size-constrained designs.

SuperFET® MOSFETs Features

  • Best-in-class robust body diode (SuperFET II and SuperFET II FRFET® MOSFETs)
  • Smaller stored energy in output capacitance (lower Eoss)
  • Significantly lower on-resistance RDS(ON)
  • Lower gate charge (Qg) performance
  • Integrated gate resistor (600V/650V SuperFET II MOSFETs)
  • Integrated gate zener diode (800V SuperFET II MOSFETs)

SuperFET® MOSFETs Benefits

  • Robust body diode provides increased system reliability in soft switching topologies
  • Robust body diode for high reliability and ruggedness in bridge topology configuration
  • Lower Eoss for lower loss in hard switching applications
  • Higher efficiency in light-load conditions, lower overall driving and switching losses
  • Lower conduction loss from significantly lower on-resistance RDS(ON)
  • Built-in electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection with integrated gate zener diode (part numbers with "Z" in suffix)
  • Integrated gate resistor for less gate oscillation and low electromagnetic interference (EMI) noise

SuperFET product families include:

  • 650V SuperFET III series provides the highest performance Super Junction MOSFETs specifically designed for highest power density. SuperFET III technology reduces RDSon up to 50% in the same package size compared to our previous industry-leading technology which allows product designers to reduce package size or increase power in the same footprint.
  • 600V/650V SuperFET II FRFET series further enhances the body diode characteristics to best-in-class for robustness and reliability and withstand higher dv/dt and abnormal fault conditions. Well suited for use in soft-switching and low EMI applications.
  • 600V SuperFET II Easy-Drive series further optimizes switching performance due to slightly slower rise and fall times for reliable operation during abnormal conditions and inadequate layout. Excellent for use in hard- or soft-switching applications that also need low EMI noise
  • 800V SuperFET II series provides high-efficiency and is suitable for use in applications requiring higher breakdown voltage design margin that includes built-in ESD protection from an integrated gate zener diode.