Video Switch ICs

Fairchild switches are often used in Set-top Box, DVD and DVR applications to multiplex between source inputs or to isolate circuitry for hot insertion. These switches feature wide bandwidth (up to 1GHz), high off-isolation, low crosstalk, and low power consumption. Our video switches are designed to switch either RGB or YPbPr signals without interference.

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Sample Application Diagrams

The FSAV433 enables up to three independent analog high-definition video sources to share a single filter and ADC input.


The FSHDMI08 enables two HDMITM/DVI inputs to be shared by a single input receiver.  It can also be used to route HDMITM and DVI signals to multiple destinations.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is a video switch?
    The video switch is an analog switch optimized to multiplex or isolate video signals. Fairchild Semiconductor has a switch, from Standard video to High Definition, which addresses the complete range of video formats.
  2. What characteristics should I consider when selecting a video switch?
    The key characteristics to consider are the bandwidth, application load capacitance, insertion loss, 0.1dB flatness and video format. Fairchild Semiconductor video switches are optimized for high bandwidth, as well as excellent off-isolation and crosstalk immunity characteristics.
  3. Can high bandwidth video switches be used in an ultra-portable, battery powered device?
    Yes, high bandwidth switches can be used in ultra-portable, battery powered devices. For example the FSAV430 has a typical Icc (quiescent) and off-leakage of 1uA max and also has a bandwidth of 1GHz. The load on the battery supply is hence minimal.
  4. Do you have a switch that meets the requirements of HDMITM/DVI?
    Yes, for HDMITM / DVI , the FSHDMI08 is applicable for 1.65Gbps data rates and is well suited as an HDMITM source expander (multiplexer).