Analog & Mixed Signal

Fairchild's analog and mixed signal ICs are developed with a particular focus on USB, audio, video, and signal routing applications.  Our analog switch products provide innovative detection and routing capabilities to meet your design needs.  In addition, we offer signaling, sensing and timing solutions for mobile applications.

We have decades of proven expertise in delivering innovative analog and mixed signal technologies, resulting in board space reduction, lower power,  and lower system cost for your designs.

Why Choose Our Analog & Mixed Signal IC Products

  • Fairchild Analog / Audio Switches are Industry leading Switch products with emphasis on signal integrity with true ground switching, 'Click and Pop' elimination, low THD, and 16kV ESD.
  • Our Audio Amplifiers make speakers sound louder and better while minimizing power consumption and package size.
  • We help you accelerate time to market with our  world class customer support, comprised of online tools, design labs, FAEs, and regional centers staffed with expert power and analog engineers.