Haptic Drivers

Fairchild Semiconductor's haptic drivers offer direct driving capability of eccentric rotating mass (ERM) motors and linear resonant actuators (LRA). This capability allows multiple platform usage. With a fast wake up time of <30µS, Fairchild haptic drivers help reduce system latency which is very important when implementing a haptic solution.

Our haptic solutions can be driven to give a simple vibration alert or controlled, using I2C, for a more sophisticated application. Additionally, Fairchild is partnering with other haptic technology leaders to provide you with an easy to implement, turn-key solution. This gives designers the flexibility of using our device in an existing design or implementing a completely new solution.

Why Choose Our Haptic Drivers

  • We provide best in class support in terms of applications, engineering, reliability as well as an efficient worldwide customer service.
  • Fast wake-up time of <30µS – reduces system latency and provides a fast haptic response
  • I2C control – allows for flexible implementation
  • PWM input – allows a wide range of frequencies to be used for control of ERM motors and LRAs
  • Supports both ERM and LRA applications – allows for multiple platform usage
  • Thermal protection shutdown – shuts down the device when thermally overloaded
  • Reduces design-in complexity – allows you to get to market faster
  • Reduced BOM cost over competitor device
  • Strategic partnership with Atmel, Precision Microdrives & Immersion – helps to provide a complete solution