High speed data transmission applications are often limited by the ability to efficiently achieve system interconnection in difficult environments. LVDS is a low-power, low-noise differential technology for high speed transmission and optimized for point-to-point configurations in telecom, datacom, peripherals and displays. LVDS delivers the bandwidth necessary for driving large data rates over PCB and cable.

Fairchild's µSerDes™ is a family of ultra-compact serializers/deserializers designed for parallel interconnects in cellular phones and small-form-factor display applications.

Fairchild’s USB transceivers provide a USB2.0 interface for Low (1.5 Mbps) and High (12 Mbps) Speed applications. Ideal for portable and consumer applications, these transceivers provide designers ‘off the shelf’ USB 2.0 electrical compliance with features such as onboard voltage regulation, voltage level translation, and 15kV ESD protection.