Fairchild's discrete portfolio spans from high voltage to small signal devices addressing system needs from the smallest mobile devices to full scale industrial applications. Our discrete products include field effect (FET) and bipolar (BJT) transistors, IGBTs, and a broad selection of diodes and rectifiers and circuit protection devices.

Fairchild has had a long history of innovation and leadership in both low voltage and high voltage MOSFET technologies.  We are currently on our 10th generation of PowerTrench® devices with industry leading RDS(on) and power density.  With a focus on switch mode power supplies, our IGBTs and diodes are specifically designed to be the fastest and most efficient in the market.

Our unique position of providing both a full range of discrete products and leading edge power management ICs allows Fairchild to address a wide variety of critical application requirements and provide a total solution.

Why Choose Our Products

  • Fairchild has a long history of creating breakthrough power semiconductor devices and supporting high volume manufacturing.             
  • We offer the broadest range of discrete devices providing complete solutions for a variety of application needs.
  • We use the most innovative packaging technologies designed for minimal size, highest reliability and maximum thermal performance.
  • We provide strong system-level support including online tools, design labs, FAEs, and regional centers staffed with expert power and analog engineers.
  • All manufacturing locations across Fairchild are certified to ISO/TS16949:2002 industry standards.
  • Fairchild's discrete products are key building blocks for your efficient and protected power solutions.