NPN High Voltage Amplifier

Obsolete as of 23-Feb-2012

    This device is designed for application as a video output to drive color CRT and other high voltage applications. Sourced from Process 48. See MPSA42 for characteristics.

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    Product Product &
    Eco Status
    Replacement Part Number Packing Method Convention Package Marking
    MPSA43 Obsolete as of 23-Feb-2012
    ROHS Compliant as of 27-Feb-2006
     China RoHS

    TO-92 3L  -  Details
    4.19 x 5.2 x 20.95mm,  BULK

    PDF TO-92 3L  Drawing
    Last Update: Mar 2015 PDF TO92-3L, PACKING DRAWING
    Last Update: May 2014
    Line 1$Y (Fairchild logo)
    &Z (Plant Code)
    &3 (3-Digit Date Code)

    Line 2MPS

    Line 3A43

    RƟJA 200°C/W

    RƟJC 83.3°C/W

    PDF China RoHS
    This product is general usage and suitable for many different applications.
    Package Condition Temperature Range Vcc Range Software Version Revision Date
    TO-92 3L Electrical 25°C N/A N/A 28-Feb-2012

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