Fairchild's IGBTs (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors) offer lower conduction loss and lower switching loss for designing high efficiency and reliable systems. Fairchild offers an extensive portfolio of IGBT devices by various process technologies from 300V to greater than 1200V and various packages from die/wafer to TO220, D2PAK, TO3PN, TO247, Power247, and TO-264. Optimized manufacturing process results in better control and repeatability of the top-side structure, resulting in tighter specifications and better EMI performance.

With a focus on switch mode power supplies, our IGBTs are specifically designed to be the fastest and most efficient in the market. Fairchild Field Stop (FS) technology achieves high performance without sacrificing reliability or ruggedness and we are committed to continued advancement in IGBT performance. Our fourth-generation technology development enables excellent trade-off characteristics and dynamic latch-up ruggedness stronger than any other FS IGBTs. Read the white paper for detailed analysis and performance results.

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Why Choose Our IGBTs

  • Ability to mix and match IGBT and rectifiers to create application-specific IGBTs with co-packaged rectifiers for soft-switching applications
  • Various IGBT process technologies optimized for low conduction, low switching losses (EOFF), and/or easy parallel operation
  • Reliable design with extra safety margins such as maximum junction temperature up to TJ= 175°C; higher breakdown voltage; short-circuit withstand time; large safe operating area (SOA)


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