IGBT/MOSFET Gate Drivers

The IGBT/MOSFET gate drive optocoupler series provides fast switching specifications allowing designers to use smaller filters, thus reducing overall system power consumption. These devices can be found in solar inverters, motor drives and induction heating applications. Fairchild’s optocouplers offer best-in-class common-mode rejection (CMR) making the application more immune to noise. With tight pulse-width distortion and improved power efficiency, these devices also offer a 1,414V peak working voltage to accommodate switching of 1200V IGBTs.

The gate driver output stage comprises of a PMOS and NMOS pair, which facilitates close rail-to-rail output swing. This feature allows a tight control of the gate voltage during on-state and short-circuit conditions. These IGBT/MOSFET gate drive optocouplers complement Fairchild’s strong, well-established offering in the discrete power IGBT/MOSFET line of products. Fairchild now offers customers one-stop shopping from the logic control portion of the circuit, to the isolated gate driver, to the power IGBT/MOSFET.

The newly released Smart Gate Drive Optocoupler Provides Designers Isolated Gate Driving and Fault Sensing

Fairchild Semiconductor's FOD8316/FOD8318, smart gate drive optocouplers, are 2.5A output current, IGBT drive optocouplers, offer the critical protection necessary for preventing fault conditions that lead to destructive thermal runaways of IGBTs. This new product family is comprised of high-speed isolated feedback for fault sensing and is ideally suited for driving fast-switching power IGBTs and MOSFETs. The device consists of an integrated gate drive optocoupler featuring low RDS(ON) CMOS transistors to drive the IGBT from rail-to-rail.  The FOD8316/FOD8318 offers best-in-class noise immunity resulting from its Optoplanar® coplanar packaging technology. The Optoplanar® technology ensures safe insulation thickness of more than 0.4 millimeters in attaining reliable high-voltage isolation, certified by UL1577 and DIN EN/IEC60747-5-5 standards. FOD8318 provides an Active Miller Clamp function to shut off the IGBT during high dv/dt situations without the need of a negative supply voltage. This enables simpler design and increased reliability.

IGBT/MOSFET Gate Drivers Products

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