Fairchild's Infrared product family includes discrete light emitting diodes (Gallium arsenide or GaAs, and Aluminum gallium arsenide or AlGaAs), discrete silicon photodetectors (photodiodes, phototransistors, photodarlingtons and OPTOLOGIC® IC detectors), assemblies for optical interrupter switches and reflective sensors.

Infrared devices are used in various end product applications for position or motion sensing (e.g. office equipment, industrial control, and appliances) as well as environment sensors (e.g. smoke detectors) and optical data transmission (e.g. remote control and meter reading).

Available in a variety of plastic, through-hole and surface- mount packages, infrared devices are built from wafers grown from the most up-to-date processes and materials - III-V for the Light emitting diodes and silicon for the detectors. All products are lead (Pb) free and RoHS compliant.

Fairchild's portfolio is a combination of mature products, which have been used for 20 years in long lasting industrial applications, and innovative products for the fast changing applications in the industrial and medical segments.

Why Choose Our Infrared Optocouplers

  • We offer a broad range of products that can meet most of the application requirements.
  • Our technology is well established and, while we upgrade our processes periodically, the changes are fully characterized and qualified with a comprehensive and stringent set of reliability tests.
  • We provide best in class support in terms of applications, engineering, reliability as well as an efficient worldwide customer service.